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FAQs on Home Based Business

  1. What do I need to know to start a Home Based Business ?

  2. What records do I need to keep ?

  3. How do I manage my business and organize my time ?

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What do I need to know to start a Home Based Business ?

The Pros and Cons of a Home Business, CDFS-1000

Starting a Business in Your Home-Is It For You? CDFS-1126

Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks, CDFS-1203

Understanding Marketing, CDFS-1251

Conducting Market Research, CDFS-1252

Finding Customers: Market Segmentation, CDFS-1253

Advertising: An Investment in Your Business's Future, CDFS-1276

Keeping Customers Satisfied, CDFS-1301

Pricing, CDFS-1326

Information Sources, CDFS-1351

The Profit and Loss Statement: What Does It Mean?, CDFS-1153-96

The Balance Sheet: What Does It Mean?, CDFS-1154

Employee or Independant Contractor, CDFS-1179

Employing Family Members, CDFS-1180

Payroll Set-up and Reporting, CDFS-1181

Insurance, CDFS-1202-95

Small Business Financing Programs in Ohio, CDFS-1226-96

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What records do I need to keep ?

Records and Record Keeping, CDFS-1151

Setting Up a Record Keeping System, CDFS-1152

Taxes-Federal, CDFS-1176

Taxes-State and Local, CDFS-1177

Business Use of the Car, CDFS-1178

      Licenses, Permits and Zoning, CDFS-1201

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How do I manage my business and organize my time ?

Tips on Effective Time Management, CDFS-1006

Organizing A Business Plan, CDFS-1101

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